A Concept for Ecological Living

This concept would be on land that was ideally under a conservation easement.  It could also be implemented without one.


The idea is to have three main zones.  The Agroforestry Farm features a silvopasture permaculture farm in which livestock is grazed through forested areas.  Zaytuna Farm and New Forest Farm would be examples of this.

This zone would include fruit and nut trees with companion plantings.  This zone would also include some annual vegetables.  Greenhouses made of natural materials could be included, with aquaponic systems optional.

The Horse Park would be a more pastoral area, which would house the horses.  This could be an area for the public to interact with the animals to an extent.  The horses would be fed an all-organic diet, as the farm would be an organic operation.  The buildings in the Horse Park would be all-natural.

The Natural Housing area would be a primarily residential development, with motorized vehicles stored off-site.  This would be a pedestrian, bike, and animal-oriented area.  The homes could include large gardens and permaculture installations with natural materials and organic practices.

Some commercial storefronts could be included in this zone, with a Farmers Market as a possible option.  Residents would support the farm by being members of a CSA.

Educational buildings could be installed on any of the three zones.  The idea as a whole is for this to be a new paradigm for living in a regenerative manner.  Foraging, agriculture, value-added production, services, and information technology operations could all be integrated into the economic activities of this system.


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