Zuidas: a Vision for the Future

Jennifer Keesmaat, the Chief Planner for the City of Toronto, posted a photo showing a series of rain gardens implemented in an urban district in Amsterdam.  The area is called Zuidas, and has a strong focus on sustainable systems.

There are some PDF resources online which show how the district’s development unfolded, and they detail future plans for the area.

Zuidas Vision Document

From 2009, this document outlines key areas of focus, including having entirely neutral CO2 development, the construction of projects beneficial to public health, the development of an inclusive community, the use of sustainable materials, reduction of waste, sustainable transportation, aim for an improved microclimate, and the cultivation of a biodiverse ecology within this urban realm.

Sustainable Zuidas

This is an update from the City of Amsterdam from 2011.  It outlines some of the projects which have been built in the district, such as office buildings, and it gives updates on future projects such as underground rail lines and roads.

Further Resources:

Zuidas Website

The district website run by the City of Amsterdam.  This includes information on its current state of public transportation and where it is at in terms of its constructed projects.

Wikipedia: Zuidas





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